Writing Exercise, July 9th 2013

Writing Exercise, July 9th 2013

Write whatever comes to mind after you read each prompt. Write in any style, for as long you please.

Prompt #1: I was born…
Prompt #2: When I was five…
Prompt #3: My mother’s father…
Prompt #4: My dad…

photo credit: Self-portrait writing in my diary, Boston, Massachuetts by Nan Goldin, 1989

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6 thoughts on “Writing Exercise, July 9th 2013

  1. My dad has no name; he is an unknown entity. He is an amorphous figure given little substance by us, the us that he affects. His face have no features, his touch no contact. He is a wisp of a cloud from the past trailing behind us prodding our thoughts.

  2. When I was 5 I smiled and had dimples in my cheeks, I rolled down grassy hills and got lost in strangers’ gardens, I fell in love twice, I planned to run away and bake poison cupcakes. I still believed my parents loved me and my best friends would last forever, there was nothing my imagination couldn’t do and nothing was more beautiful than a cherry blossom in bloom.

    I learnt sickness when I got the chicken pox, I learnt compassion from a mother cat, I learnt fear when I failed time, and time again to climb to the top of the tree, I learnt shame when I was told only babies wore velcro shoes.

    When I was 5 I didn’t know how good I had it, I didn’t know things would get much worse before it ever got better, I didn’t know how hard it would be to tear down the lies of being 5 and to rebuild something honest, when I was 5 I didn’t want to grow old, but I’m glad I did.

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