Marina Abramović – Rhythm 0, 1974

Marina Abramović – Rhythm 0, 1974

Rhythm 0 remains one of the most overwhelming provocations in the history of the performance and one of the most sensually painful conditions of corporeal abandonment. Marina Abramović’s eyes that are filled with tears shine like the intermittent signs of the exhaustion of a body that gives you the impression of watching without watching and that sinks deeper into emptiness.

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Writing Exercise, July 9th 2013

Writing Exercise, July 9th 2013

Write whatever comes to mind after you read each prompt. Write in any style, for as long you please.

Prompt #1: I was born…
Prompt #2: When I was five…
Prompt #3: My mother’s father…
Prompt #4: My dad…

photo credit: Self-portrait writing in my diary, Boston, Massachuetts by Nan Goldin, 1989

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